Family Dentistry in Greensburg, PA

Complete Family Dental Care in One Location

Good dental care is crucial to your health throughout your life. Your dental health changes over time, with different concerns as you age. A family dentist cares for and protects the oral health of your entire family. We are experienced in all phases of general dentistry and the specific needs of different age groups. Dr. Cavalier works with children, adults, and seniors to ensure their dental needs are met at every stage of life.

Establishing a child’s relationship with a family dentist lays the groundwork for good oral hygiene and proactive dental care throughout each patient’s life. A family dentist has the same education and experience as a general dentist, with the added benefit of in-depth experience working with children. Dr. Cavalier’s warm, gentle approach to even the youngest patients ensures your child receives the finest care possible for their teeth and gums without fear.

What About General or Pediatric Dentists?

Many general dentists either do not treat young children or are not experienced with them. Family dentists see both children and adults daily and are familiar with all dental milestones. They are adept at making children feel safe and comfortable during treatment. Family dental care includes proper oral hygiene education for children, adults, and seniors, creating a partnership between dentist and patient that can last a lifetime.

Pediatric dentists are specialists in caring for children. They, like family dentists, are excellent with children, but care is not offered after age 18. At that point, your child will have to find a new dentist with whom they are comfortable. As a family dentist, Dr. Cavalier continues to provide exceptional dental care to your child as an adult. She is a total care dental provider for every member of the family.

Complete Dental Care for Your Whole Family

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Benefits of Seeing a Family Dentist


Families have busy lives. Careers, schooling, clubs, sports, activities, family, and friends all vie for your attention. Complete dental care for your whole family in one location simplifies family dental care. No need to make appointments with different providers and drive all over town. Fewer phone calls and providers make oral health care easier.


Children who start with a dentist at an early age are more likely to continue seeing a dentist for checkups and professional teeth cleaning as adults. Being comfortable with their dentist is so important for children! A family dentist provides continuity and builds trust for a lifelong understanding of the importance of proper dental care. Confidence in a dentist they are familiar with means less anxiety and stress for every family member.


As a family dentist, Dr. Cavalier familiarizes herself with every family member’s dental history. Some dental issues may be hereditary or may affect more than one member of a household, and treating the entire family helps your family dentist provide comprehensive care. Continuity of care throughout each patient’s life makes it easier to monitor the progression of any issues and spot any changes in the teeth and gums over time.


Whether braces for your child, teeth whitening for you, or dentures for your grandfather, Dr. Cavalier has the expertise needed. Family dental care includes preventive treatments, cosmetic procedures, and dental restoration services. Your family can access a wide range of services not found with most general dentists.

Our family dental care team is devoted to your family’s oral health and aesthetic results. To start your family’s total dental care journey, contact our office at Aesthetic and General Dentistry office Phone Number (724) 219-0812.